Thursday, January 14, 2021

Some Good News

With all the negative news coming out of Washington how about some good news?

The first trans person to be elected to a state senate was sworn in last week, she follows in the steps of Danica Roem!
Delaware's Sarah McBride sworn in as first openly transgender state senator
By 6abc Digital Staff and Ashley Johnson
January 13, 2021

Delaware Senator Sarah McBride became a "first" on Tuesday when she took the oath in Claymont. She's the country's first openly transgender state senator and the highest-ranking transgender elected official in the nation.

"As I reflect on the journey till today I am reminded of the change that it reflects: that we are a community and a country that has continuously opened our hearts and changed our minds and increasingly judged people on their skills and talents not on their identities," McBride said.

USA Today wrote back in November,
McBride is also the first openly-transgender individual to ever be elected to office in Delaware. And as a state senator, she will be the highest-ranking openly transgender elected official nationwide.

We are making great inroads in the political arena but we have a long ways to go, the opposition tried to make the issue her being trans but the voters would have none of that and instead voted on the issues important to Delaware.
The New York Daily News reported on a troll…
The answer is simple.

Newly elected Delaware state Sen. Sarah McBride, the first openly transgender state senator in the U.S., had a pretty straightforward answer to someone who inquired about her gender.

“I am confused, are you a boy or a girl?” came the troll-like text to her phone.

“I’m a senator,” she replied.

“Hope that clears things up,” she tweeted, along with a screenshot of the exchange.

Virginia’s House of Delegates Danica Roem had other legislators who didn’t take her seriously but they soon learned to take her seriously and they will also learn to take Senator McBride seriously.

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