Friday, January 15, 2021

Men With Tool Belts

In the past I have had bad experiences with men in tool belts so I am always leery when I needs a trade person.

One time when I had my car serviced a parade of mechanics found a reason to walk through the waiting room. I could see a water fountain in the shop area but the mechanics had to walk in to the waiting room to get a cup of water there.

Another time my kitchen sink was clogged and I tried my snake but it didn’t clear it so I had to call a plumber. When he started working he said he had to go out to his truck, being summer I had all the windows open and I overheard him saying on his that there is one of those [derogatory team] here followed by laughter.

The company that cares for my furnace are really good, I have never had a problem with them.

When I was in an accident and needed my car repaired and brought my car to the car hospital I could the moment when he released I was trans. However, after a few minutes he was relaxed again and now when I need my car repaired again he remembers me.

So yesterday when I needed my garage door repaired I held my breath and call a garage door repair company. The guy came out, I held my breath and answered the door. He didn’t even blink.

It is a crap shoot when you need a man-in-a-tool belt.

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