Thursday, January 07, 2021

A Black Mark On Our Country

Sadly we made history yesterday as the first attempted takeover of our Capitol. It wasn’t the first insurrection, the Shays Rebellion and John Brown did that but it was the first that insurrectionists took control of the Capitol building and they did that with the support of Trump who is totally clueless of what he set in motion.

It is not that we didn’t know what Trump was capable of doing, this past September PBS Frontline showed us, The Choice 2020: Trump vs. Biden. A two hour program that compared Trump to Biden.

Trump was elected because of hate. Hate of government, hate of immigrants, hate of LGBTQ+ people, hate of scientists, hate of non-Christians religions, hate of blacks, and hate of people who are different. He was elected by a voter based who worshiped him as their savior, they wanted an authoritarian to lead them who would wipe out the people they hated.

I believe that all this hate started with the Reagan administration when that found the evangelical Christians and crawled into bed with them. Trump was already in bed with white supremacists and white militias he used them and the Republicans followed along like puppy dog looking for table scraps.

In today’s political climate of elections being divided by an almost 50/50 split every vote counts so the Republican party cozied up to the far right radical base. The Republican got into bed with the haters.

Also I noticed that today a lot of conservative media call them protesters while the liberal media call them rioters or insurrectionists.

Meanwhile conservative media are blaming the Democrats for the violence. Huff Post reported that,
Pandering to his right-wing viewers, the Fox News host ominously declared that Biden and Democrats will exploit the mob violence to squash the rights of Americans.

Carlson condemned the mayhem, but tried to explain the frustration of those who believe the election was a sham ― a falsehood promoted by Trump and his enablers.

“Rather than trying to change their minds, to convince them and reassure them that the system is real, that the democracy works ― as you would do if you cared about the country or the people who live here ― our new leaders will try to silence them,” Carlson said. “What happened today will be used by the people taking power to justify stripping you of the rights you were born with as an American. Your right to speak without being censored, your right to assemble, to not be spied upon, to make a living, to defend your family, most critically.”
The conservative media and politics are blind to their duplicity in attempted insurrection and continue to inflame their base by continuing to spread Trump lies.

When Congress came together to vote on the Electoral College before the insurrection many Republicans were going to vote against two states certification of the Electoral College votes in Arizona and Pennsylvania but after the invasion of the Capitol many of changed their minds but still 6 senators and 121 representatives still voted to disenfranchise the voters in those states. They put the party above the Constitution.

The other thing that stood out yesterday was that there are white supremacists on the Capitol police. Compare the Black Lives Matter protests with yesterday. When the BLM protested the Capitol police were dressed out in riot gear blocking the Capitol building, while yesterday there are photos of Capitol police not doing anything as rioters climbed over barricades right in front of the officers and some officers actually took selfies in the Capitol building with the protesters.

When Trump wanted a photo of him holding the Bible the National Guard cleared the way for Trump for the photo op. But yesterday the Guard commanders from news reports said that he was worried that if he ordered in the Guard it would create more violence.

The mayor ordered a curfew for both the BLM protest and yesterday, at the BLM protests there were photos of the police enforcing the curfew but last night at 8 PM two hours after the curfew began there still were insurrectionist still milling around and the police were just standing there.

As one Congressperson said, the last time the Capitol was invaded was in that war of 1812 by the British, the Confederate flag never flew in the Capitol before, and for the first time a flag other than the Stars and Stripes flew on the Capitol building and this one was of the despot Trump.

I normally disagree with Sen. Rand Paul but I agree with him here...

What I see needs to be done is for the FBI to find find everyone who entered the Capitol, arrested, and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Thanks to all the selfies the insurrectionists took that might be an easy job.

Second Trump needs to be impeached for insurrection and then prosecuted for sedition. He will do anything to stay in power, start a war with Iran?  Declare marshal law? Who knows what that madman will do? 

One thing that I know, that like so many moments in history I will always remember the day an attempted coup happen.

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