Monday, March 30, 2020

Too Depressed

Today I am not in much mood to write anything.

The past 18 days I have only been off my property one three times and well it is getting to me. Each day I tried to do something different but I have run out of different things to do.

Right now I am in a comment war with someone on the forum for my health problem. This individual is a Trump fan.

He lives in Texas probably out in the middle of no place and he sees this as all hype…

The thing if you look at the polls something 80 percent of the Republicans think that it is a news media and Democrat plot to get a Democrat elected this fall. The comments on the forum this guy is making contradicts even what he is saying a couple of sentences earlier. The states west of the Mississippi River and east of California have very little infections, COVID-19 is mostly a coastal phenomenon and large cities in the mid-west. People in rural Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, the Dakotas, Wyoming, and Idaho are going what virus?

So those who are Trump fans see it like he is saying, it is all a hoax. These Democrat governors are all making it up to make Trump look bad. When Trump says that the eastern Democrat governors don’t need all of those ventilators, he is playing to his base and they believe him. Some Republicans are even holding COVID-19 parties.

I am depressed over all those who look but don’t see.

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