Thursday, February 13, 2020

No, There Is No Debate

It is settled, there is no argument among medical professionals, the so called debate is from right-wing conservatives attacking us.
US debate over medical treatment for transgender youth heats up
AFP By Charlotte Plantive
February 12, 2020

Washington (AFP) - A simmering debate is underway in the United States over the health of transgender youth, who now face the prospect of being barred from receiving hormonal or surgical treatment in a number of states, to the dismay of their families and the medical community.

South Dakota led the way late last month when the lower house of the state legislature approved a bill that set prison terms of up to a year for any doctor who provided such treatments to youths under the age of 16.

Fred Deutsch, the measure's Republican sponsor, described it as "a bill to prevent sterilization and other medical harms against children who feel trapped in their own body."
And as every trans person knows that "a bill to prevent sterilization” is pure bull s**t!

Mr.  Deutsch is playing on the people unfamiliarity with the treatment for trans children to demonize the healthcare givers.
"There's clearly a trend attacking trans youth across the country. We hope that South Dakota's defeat of this legislation will put a stop to that," said Susan Williams, the mother of a transgender child. Williams founded an organization called The Transformation Project to help parents faced with the issue.

"What's at stake is nothing less than the ability of our kids to live free from discrimination, to get the medical care they need, and to thrive," she told AFP.

In another attack on trans rights happened right here in Hartford yesterday on the steps of the Federal building.
ADF sues Connecticut for letting trans girls compete in high school sports
The Alliance Defending Freedom filed suit in federal court against the Connecticut Association of Schools over its trans-inclusive policy toward student athletes.
By Dawn Ennis
February 12, 2020

Holding up signs calling for “Fair Play” and to “Protect Women’s Sports,” a group of smiling moms, dads and grandparents joined three high school girls on the steps of Connecticut’s capitol Wednesday. They beamed with confidence and determination as they braced against a wintry wind and 40-degree temperatures, to announce to the gathered news media that they have accepted the help of the Alliance Defending Freedom. It’s an out of state hate group of religious zealots and lawyers who oppose LGBT rights, representing the girls and their mothers in hopes of legalizing discrimination against transgender girls.

The ADF’s goal is to stop two trans girls of color — who they repeatedly misgendered by incorrectly labeling them as “males,” “boys” and “biological males” — from competing against these girls who are not transgender. The correct term for these girls is “cis,” or “cisgender,” meaning “not transgender.”

The ADF’s weapon in this fight is a new federal lawsuit filed Wednesday against the Connecticut Association of Schools, which has a longstanding policy through the Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference that is transgender-inclusive.
Now get a load of this…
The three cisgender girls represented by the ADF, Selina Soule, Alanna Smith and Chelsea Mitchell, all claim to have been beaten by so-called “biological males.” But Outsports contributor Karleigh Webb disputed two of those claims, providing proof from state competition websites that last year, Mitchell beat all the girls competing in a 100 yard dash, including two trans athletes. Webb also noted Smith won the 400m at the CIAC Open State Championship meet against trans athletes.
Did you get it? They claim the trans girls have an unfair advantage over cisgender girls but the cisgender girls are winning! So how can they have an advantage?

Speaking of trans children…
Opinion: Dwyane Wade changes lives with support of transgender daughter
USA Today
By Nancy Armour
February 12, 2020

Considerable as Dwyane Wade’s athletic achievements are – three NBA titles, an Olympic gold medal, too many scoring records to mention – they pale in comparison to what he did with just a few simple words.

In letting the world know that he and wife Gabrielle Union love, and more importantly, unconditionally support their 12-year-old daughter Zaya, who is transgender, the NBA superstar will make the lives of other kids like her more bearable. He’ll likely even save some of their lives.

This is not hyperbole, or giving an athlete extra credit for something small. While acceptance of homosexuality has grown at almost lightning speed in the past five years, the transgender community, its kids in particular, remains extremely vulnerable.
Sports has always been the prism through which we view society, our views shaped by what we see on our playing fields and in our athletes. When Wade looks at and talks about his daughter, a transgender child, what we see is love.
However, some find creating hate more important than love.

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