Sunday, June 03, 2018

When Is A Pride Not A Pride?

There are many ways to celebrate Pride.

I went to strange one Friday night. It was at the New Britain Museum of American Art, on the New Britain Pride Facebook event page they had that a Pride was going to be held that night. A friend posted that he was going and I mentioned to a friend and she was interested in going to it.

Boy was it a conservative crowd, you would think that they never saw a trans person before [that’s a joke, they most likely haven’t], one guy almost walked into a wall staring at me.

There was what looked like maybe a half dozen gay couples there, who fit right in with the crowd. We sat at a table outside on the patio and there was what looked like a lesbian couple sitting on the other side of the patio. They we sitting there looking around like “what are we doing here?” and we felt the same way.

So there was no Pride flags, no Pride fancy napkins or tablecloths, nothing to indicate that it was LGBT… zero, zilch, zip, nil, nought, nothing.

I am sure that they put in a lot of work for Pride but they are not conveying the information to the public. I see on their Facebook that there were speeches made about Pride but there was nothing at the event listing an agenda.


  1. I was a little confused when you invited me to attend the Pride event at the Museum because when I checked the Museum's website, I did not see any mention of a Pride event. I had other plans, so I could not go, but I guess it was just as well that I missed it.

  2. Happening more and more as the straight mainstream gets involved with things that they shouldn't be involved with. Add to that mix those in the L and G community who want nothing more than to fit in and be accepted as a bunch who have straightened their genes and now are accepted by not only mommy and daddy but by many others. Just don't step too far outside of what their perception of what a person who is LGBT is suppose to be. So what do we do. Form our own PRIDES. Form our own groups and fight like hell to stop this dissolving of our people and our culture. We are not the same as they no matter how many times we excuse ourselves. That folks will be the death of us all.

    What troubles me with this event is the man staring at you. Not so much that he was staring but the fact that this was an event by the New Britain Museum of American Art. One would think that in an art crowd people would be a bet more intelligent but then again there are a lot of folks who just like to be cool. I would rather be odd. Cool is just so fleeting. PRIDE must be returned to its roots. To our people. We must stand up to the straights who say, we are allies, we know best, we can do it and say NO!