Saturday, June 02, 2018

Saturday 9: It's Impossible

Crazy Sam’s Saturday 9: It's Impossible (1970)

On Saturdays I take a break from the heavy stuff and have some fun…
Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

1) In this song, Mr. Como maintains it's impossible to ask a baby not to cry. When did you most recently hold a baby? Did you ask him or her not to cry?
It was a long, long time ago. I try to avoid that whenever possible.

2) Perry Como was known for his casual, easy going style. Therefore people were surprised to learn that he could lose his temper. His long-time musical director reported that bad drivers really got under Perry's skin. What is one of your pet peeves?
Oh I have a lot of them and most of them are about motor vehicles.
First I hate those trucks and jeeps jacked way up. Why? Because in an accident they either go up over your vehicle or you go under their’s or in a “T-bone” accident their bumper is right at head height and the only thing between your head and their bumper is a piece of glass.
Another pet peeve is seeing people with their feet up  on the dash. Do you know where your knees will end up when the air bags go off? Right into your chest.

3) Though Perry Como was born in Pennsylvania, he didn't speak English until he began grade school. His parents were Italian immigrants and the family only spoke Italian at home. Do you know any words/phrases in Italian?

4) He met Roselle, the girl he would marry, when they were both still in high school. Tell us about a high school classmate you were crazy about back in the day.
She went to a Catholic school and I went to the public school, she wanted to be a nurse and I want to be an engineer. She went and explored the world and I stayed in town.

5) When he was just 14, his father's ill health made it essential that Perry begin working after school to help support his family. He apprenticed to a barber but was so short, he had to stand on a box when he cut hair. Again, going back to school, were you taller than your classmates? Shorter? Or were you the average height for a kid your age?
Well I can’t remember that far back but in grad school I was the tallest.

6) While taping his annual holiday special in 1971, he fell from a platform and broke his knee. He had to wear a cast and endure 8 months of rehab. Have you ever broken a bone?
Yes, when I was a couple of months old I rolled off of my grandmother’s bed.

7) During the decades when he was a recording and television star, Perry Como was also an avid golfer. He was so popular that many of the best pro golfers of the day -- Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer, etc. -- were happy to play with him. It's estimated that it takes about 4 hours to play 18 holes of golf. What celebrity would you most like to hang around with for four hours?
Well... Hey. Wait a minute... Who's paying?

8) After he retired, Perry's passion switched from golf to fishing in the waters near Palm Beach, Florida. His catch of the day often ended up as his family's dinner. What's for dinner at your house tonight?
Chicken parmigiana (take-out)

9) Random question -- They say "birds of a feather, flock together." But that's not always true. Can you think of an area where you are out of step with most of your friends/family?
Ha! Are you kidding? I’m the “black sheep” of the family.


  1. Wow. I hadn't thought of the dashboard/air bag thing. That is dangerous. I'll spread the word!

  2. I cringe, too, when I see people with their feet on the dash. Ugh! The airbags will just push them right back.

  3. I try to avoid holding babies, too. Not that I don't like babies -- just afraid I'll drop them.

  4. I loved your capsule comment of your high school classmate.

  5. I'm the "black sheep" of my family too, because I don't kowtow to my father and have a mind of my own. It can be a hard place to be, but it is also rather freeing.

  6. Now that I am older and have done the raising the kids thing... I can appreciate handing a cute baby back to it's mommy