Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Flying The Flag

Free Speech?

Well for one thing there is no such thing as free speech; it always comes with a price. You can say what you want but those who oppose your view are free to express their rights also.
Preacher sues after city makes him stop harassing pride attendees
LGBTQ Nation
By Gwendolyn Smith
June 11, 2018

Timothy J. Brown attended the Upper Cumberland Pride Festival in Cookeville, Tennessee last June, but was asked to stay 50 feet away from the event. Now he wants compensation from the city.

At last year’s event, Brown and two other men showed up with a signs bearing anti-gay bible verses and other statements, and harassed event attendees. The Cookeville police were summoned, and officers asked Brown and his companions to move away from the event.

In response, Brown, who goes by “Timthebaptist” on YouTube, filed a suit against the city, claiming that he was simply, “exercising his constitutional rights and free exercise of religion by peacefully sharing his Christian message in a public park in the city,” when he was threatened with arrest.

Upper Cumberland PRIDE had rented a portion of the park for their event.
And of course there is a Christian legal firm behind the law suit.
He is requesting a trial by jury over the “injuries” he has faced by not being allowed access to the event, and is asking that the city not be allowed to enforce its code, as well as “nominal and/or compensatory and/or special and/or punitive damages” in addition to his attorney’s fees.

Brown is being represented in part by the American Liberties Institute, a part of the right-wing Alliance Defending Freedom. The ADF was also involved with the recent Masterpiece Cakeshop lawsuit.
Normally I wouldn’t worry about the law suit but now with the Republicans packing the courts with those who put the Bible above the Constitution who knows the outcome of the case.

It would seem that since they rented part of the park that the Pride organizations could control who attended the event. But as I said it is now a crap shoot.

At another event flying the flag cause the haters to crawl out from under the bleachers.
Red Sox Fans Triggered Over LGBT Pride, Call for Straight Night
The Advocate
By Ariel Sobel
June 11, 2018

For Thursday night's game, the Boston Red Sox painted their logo rainbow on the pitcher's mound to show their support for the LGBT community, which created a strong backlash on their social media.

Although many enjoyed the gesture of inclusion, the Red Sox had an avalanche of antigay comments on social media from fans who are angry the team hosted a Pride Night. [Twitter comments...]
Disgusting ! Nice to see my favourite team conforming to the sin of the world. No more Red Sox for my family !!
Not necessary. Nothing to be proud of here Red Sox. We don’t need rainbows on the pitchers mound.. what’s next rainbow uniforms? Rainbow home plate? Rainbow monster?
Thought baseball was for real men
So we get a straight pride and acceptance night? Have to be equal and fair after all.
When is Straight Pride month? This is discrimination at its finest. Why can't we be proud of following God's Laws?
However, many were proud of the show of solidarity with queer fans and athletes. They even trolled back.

One socially conscious straight man put it best:
Thanks for doing this. All 4 inclusion. As a white straight male, the entire world is set up 4me. A Pride night or logo doesnt take away from anything and only lets other people know you support them.  Pretty simple, people. It can b about baseball & Pride!!!
Here in Connecticut the Hartford Yard Goats are having their LGBT night on June 26.

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