Sunday, June 10, 2018

Seeing Is Believing

And I haven’t seen it, an increase in trans employment. Trying to get our foot in the door is almost impossible for us if you don’t fit the norm.
While challenges remain for transgender jobseekers, more businesses are reaching out to the trans community
Market Place
By Adrian Ma
June 08, 2018

On a recent Saturday in May, the atrium at Cleveland’s Metro Health Hospital was the site of a typical-looking job fair — people in suits shook hands and swapped business cards with company reps who sat behind tables adorned with mounds of branded freebies. Among the 24 companies, there were some big names including Starbucks, PNC Bank and Progressive Insurance.
What made the event different than most, however, is that it was geared specifically towards transgender jobseekers like her. Metro Health started hosting the annual event a few years ago, and organizers say each time, the number of recruiters keeps growing; the first year, there were only eight.
But there are signs that an increasing number of businesses are reaching out to the trans community. 
Once again I say seeing is believing. I want to see them hire someone who doesn’t integrate into society, a six foot five trans woman, if you blend into society you don’t have a great of a problem getting a job as someone who is obviously is trans.
Advocates say hiring discrimination against trans jobseekers remains a big problem, but there is evidence that the private sector is opening up to the trans community.
I have seen a number of trans people working in big box stores but even though I could identify them as trans they could integrate pretty and I haven’t seen any trans people employed that didn’t.

At one time we looked in to having a job fair for trans people but the problem we had was not in finding companies to come but in finding enough trans people to attend. It is hard getting the word out to our community. At one time you could reach out to support groups in the state but now it seems trendy to have a support group. Just in Hartford there are four support groups that I know of, it used to be just PFLAG and Twenty Club but two more have been started by healthcare providers and if you look in a ten mile radius there are four more groups. In addition many trans people don’t attend support groups now.

So trying to get the word out about an event of any kind is hard let only a job fair.

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