Wednesday, June 06, 2018

The Battle Never Ends

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We are one nation. We are made up of many races, many religions, many nationalities; we are a very diverse country.

Many people have fought for our country from native American “Code Talkers” to the Tuskegee Airmen to the 442nd Infantry Regiment to trans, lesbians, and gays, they have all shared foxholes together.
Pride Flag in Veterans Park Brings Controversy, Town Forum
A local veteran is calling the show of support to the LGBT community "a travesty."
By Jeff Taylor
June 4, 2018

A rainbow flag is flying high in Veterans Park in a small Maine town for Pride month, and not everyone is pleased with the show of support.

One veteran in particular, John Mixon, is causing such a fuss over the inclusive gesture made by the town of Ogunquit that a community forum is being planned to quell the tension.

Mixon says flying the pride flag is disrespectful to veterans, calling it “a travesty.” This in spite of the fact that many veterans are members of the LGBT community.
WGME said that Mixon,
Mixon is a commander with the Wells-Ogunquit American Legion Post 143.

For Mixon, it is not about what kind of flag will be going up Friday afternoon at the Main Street park.

"These three flags [The American, state and POW flags] that are flying here now represent all veterans gay, straight, black, white-- whatever kind of veteran they are represented here in Veterans Park," he said.
Somehow I don’t think that is the real issue with him.

The mayor said that any flag is welcome there, that they only have to petition to have their flag flown. The governor has come out on the side of the anti-flag people.

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