Thursday, June 06, 2013

There Is No Excuse!

Friday on Clear Channel’s Lex and Terry show they said that it is OK to shoot “trannies,” according to the TransAdvocate they said,
On Friday (06/03/2013), the Lex and Terry show began discussing this issue saying, There’s a teen that shot a tranny after finding out that it was a man after they had a little sexual encounter. A co-host responded, I don’t blame him. I would have shot his ass too.
This is totally unacceptable, promoting violence against anyone never right and it should not be a joke. So far there has been no response on their Facebook page or on Clear Channel’s website, while on the Sirius XM Facebook page their response was “Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We do apologize & we'll share your post with our programming managers. –Jess”

TransAdvocate also said that Sirius XM issued a statement…
We apologize for this programming and don’t in any way condone it. The Extreme Talk channel and the Lex and Terry show are programming providing to us by Clear Channel. The channel and all the shows on it are under the control of Clear Channel. We are required to carry the channel based on pre-existing agreement with Clear Channel. We have made Clear Channel aware of this issue and the complaints from listeners.
Patrick Reilly
Senior Vice President, Communications
Clear Channel and the disk jockeys cannot claim naivety because numerous talk show hosts have been fired for saying the same thing and that should be their fate also.

Here are the contact information for Clear Channel…
Twitter: @clearchannel
Clear Channel Facebook
The Lex and Terry Show (Contact us page)
iHeart Radio (Contact Us page - They carry the show)
Sirius XM Facebook page (They carry the show)
Update (6/7/13): There is an online petition Clear Channel: Issue Formal Apology For Radio Hosts Who Advocated Murdering Trans People.

Does anyone know who the sponsors of the show are and the sponsors contact information? Please post them in the comments.

What even made this who episode even worst was it happened on the same day that the American Bar Association made a statement denouncing “gay panic” defenses.
June 3, 2013—The National LGBT Bar Association applauds the American Bar Association’s Criminal Justice Section for taking up a resolution to protect victims of so called gay and trans “panic” legal defenses. The resolution supports the LGBT community by no longer allowing defense attorneys to use victims’ identities or their sexual orientation against them in court.

“This resolution puts an end to a longstanding injustice in our legal system and gives a voice to countless lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender victims of violence, a voice we never hear because they are no longer here to speak for themselves,” said D’Arcy Kemnitz, executive director of the LGBT Bar.
Condoning violence against anyone is wrong and should never be tolerated.

Stop the Hate!

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