Saturday, June 01, 2013

Saturday Six #477

Patrick’s Place Saturday Six #477
1. What’s the last television show you watched?
The local CBS affiliate morning news

2. Since we’re in the time of year that most network series air season finales, which show’s cliffhanger are you most looking forward to?
I hate cliffhangers! I want to know the outcome now, not five months from now.

3. If you could go behind the scenes on any TV show you watch or have ever watched, which would you choose and why?
Dr. Who, because they seem to have a lot of fun making the show.

4. Of the people who perform on the show you selected in Q3, which one would you most like to meet one-on-one?
Karen Gillan who played Amy Pond.

5. If it were up to you, which show would you most like to see go off the air?
All the reality shows.

6. Which genre of show (i.e., sitcom, drama, reality, etc.) would you most like to see more of each week?
Drama, bring back Star Trek!

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