Wednesday, June 19, 2013

File This Under “I Would Have Never Guessed!”

I think this is no surprise to anyone…
Experts: Fox News' Coverage Contributes To Violence, Discrimination Against Transgender Community
Media Matters
Carlos Maza

Fox News Routinely Promotes Inaccurate And Defamatory Depictions Of The Transgender Community. Fox News' transgender coverage consistently includes derogatory and harmful misinformation - including name-calling and transphobic pseudoscience - including:

  • Joking About "The One Part Of Chaz [Bono] That Hasn't Been Operated On [Fox & Friends, 9/27/11]
  • Referring To A Transgender Woman As A "Burly Man In A Dress" [Fox News Radio Reporter Todd Starnes, 6/3/13]
  • Asking If Trans-Supportive Parents Are Guilty Of "Child Abuse" [O'Reilly Factor, 5/23/12]
The article goes on to report on what various LGBT or Trans organization had to say about Fox New. The quotes are from…
  • National Center For Transgender Equality: Fox's Coverage "Permits Disrespectful And Sometimes Violent Treatment Of Trans People."
  • GLAAD: Fox's Coverage "Gives License For Continued Violence And Discrimination" Against Transgender People.
  • New York City Anti-Violence Project: Fox's "Vitriolic Hate Speech" Contributes To Violence Against Transgender People.
  • People For The American Way: Fox's Coverage Does "Real Harm To Real People."
  • Human Rights Campaign Foundation: Fox's Coverage Is "Propaganda That Further Stigmatizes" Transgender People.
I don’t think anyone is surprised the Fox News is biased; however, some of the local affiliates are LGBT friendly. The local affiliate here in Connecticut has covered local LGBT and even one of their news personalities has MCed the Hartford Pride for a number of years. They also have covered the Hartford Transgender Day of Remembrance.

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