Saturday, June 29, 2013

Saturday Six #481

Patrick’s Place Saturday Six #481

1. How old is your microwave oven?
It is only a couple of months old, the old one that it replaced lasted 21 years. But even more amazing is the one I use in the basement rec room… (A little drum roll please) it is an original Amanda Radarange from the 1970s!

2. How many television sets do you own?
Two, one in my bedroom and one in the kitchen

3. What type of cell phone do you own?
A basic cell phone, nothing fancy just a Samsung

4. How much else besides making calls do you use your cell phone for?
-0- Imagine, I only use my phone for talking, did think anyone still did it?

5. Do you still have a landline in your home?
Yes, but I also only use it for incoming calls. I found something better for outgoing calls… Google Voice. I have a Google Voice number and when I get a call it rings my home phone, cell phone and cottage phone all at once. To place a call I enter the number I want to call on the Google Voice webpage it then calls my phone (either the home, cottage or cell phone depending on which one I selected) and when I answer it then calls the number that I want for free.

6. Do you have a single-serve coffee maker like a Keurig, or is yours a more traditional multi-cup model?
Neither, I have a small 2 cup coffee maker.

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