Thursday, November 29, 2012

Wish Me Luck - Follow-up to the Follow-up

Today I taught my second class, this is a different section from Tuesday's class, all different students and this one went a lot better. Some even asked questions and a couple actually read the assignment and we had a discussion about it.

In another development, a couple of weeks ago I was interviewed by a MSW for a class assignment that she had to do and I just got an email from her today. It seems I might have another "Guest Lecture" in the works, she said,
I have given your LGBT curriculum to my professor. He is very excited about it and is interested in having you speak at SC. I let him know that you would be interested in teaching your curriculum. It is all in a process stage now, but i wanted to let you know of the interest and excitement.
I gave her a link to one of my presentations and she showed it to her professor so maybe I might be giving another talk and there is a slim chance of being offered to teach a class at the college up in Springfield. I told her about my Independent Study class where I developed a 15 week class to teach Social Work students the ins and outs of working with gender variant clients. One of the core values of social work is to have a cultural understanding of your clients.