Saturday, November 10, 2012

Saturday Six #448

Patrick’s Place Saturday Six #448

1. J is for JAILBREAK: Would you ever jailbreak a piece of your technology to do things that weren’t supported by the manufacturer, even if it voided the warranty?
Yes, but I haven’t in a long time.

2. J is for JAZZ: What your favorite jazz tune?
I’m not a big jazz fan, but one artist that I like is Jennifer Leitham, she use to play on the Johnny Carson show with Doc Severinsen and also with Mel Tormé and Woody Herman.

3. J is for JELLY: What’s your favorite flavor of jelly?
Polaner Black Cherry, but alas it has way too much sugar for me now and I don’t sugar free foods.

4. J is for JET: What’s the farthest distance you’ve traveled by plane?
To Seattle from Manchester NH. My boss once wanted me to fly to Soul South Korea and I got a letter from my doctor saying it was too stressful for my heart, 18 hours stuck on a plane… no way!

5. J is for JEWELRY: Which piece of jewelry that you own means the most to you (and why)?
A brass necklace from my mother.

6. J is for JOURNAL: Other than your blog, do you keep a private, written journal that is truly for your eyes only?
I use to keep a diary and I wished that I had kept it up.

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  1. My youngest daughter has had a journal for many years. They take up several shelves on her bookcases. It helped her when she was applying for this new job she has, when they wanted a lot of accurate dates on her job history.