Sunday, February 17, 2008

By the Way Sunday

By the way...
What are 2 things that...

make you happy?
Getting an “A” on a test and dinning out with friends

you can't wait for?
Spring and going up to the cottage

drive you crazy?

Slow drivers pulling out on to the highway and people who chew gum

encourage you?
My friends and family

make you sleepy?
Reading a textbook and a full meal

make you sad?
Someone who lies to me and a “Chick Flick” (I hate that term, but it is the easiest way to describe the movie.)

you dread doing?
Asking a favor and calling someone that I do not know on the phone. If it is someone I don’t know and I have to also ask them a favor then I really dread doing that, it is a double whammy.

you wish you had?
Well I’ll pick the obvious ones, health and wealth.

you'd like to give to others?
Love and caring

you plan to do today?

Finish writing my weekly class journal and relaxing

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