Monday, August 08, 2022

The Pogrom Continues In Kentucky

The Republican’s continue to lambaste us, this time at a Republican picnic.

Rhetoric against transgender people plays repeated role in GOP Fancy Farm speeches.
Lexington Herald and Leader
By Austin Horn and Tessa Duvall
August 06, 2022

Republicans went hard on a controversial, hot-button topic in appearances at the Fancy Farm picnic on Saturday: transgender people in sports.

Democrats were none too pleased.

Kelley Paul, who spoke in place of her husband GOP Sen. Rand Paul, spent much of her speech railing against transgender women’s participation in women’s sports and what she framed as progressives’ lax gender ideology. “I wouldn’t expect the Democrats to know what a recession is. They can’t even define what a woman is,” Paul said to a spate of raucous cheers coming from the Republican side of the as\\crowd.

As you might expect, the Democratic candidate was having none of it.

“I’m glad that Miss Paul left. That was an insult to me and many of my friends,” Ausbrooks said on the stage. “We are human beings. We are people.”

Some in the audience responded with jeers and boos.

“When I go to D.C., I am going to represent each and every one of you, even though you’re biased against me, I still believe in you,” he told the Republicans in attendance. “So you can sit here and you can laugh at me, you can make jokes at me, I don’t care. But I do care about your rights.”

After the speeches, Ausbrooks called Paul’s remarks “inappropriate” and “cruel.”

Let’s see.

The red candidate; torn people down, ridiculed them, is divisive, preaches bigotry, and exclusion.

The blue candidate; built bridges, respected all people, preached unity, and inclusion.

Hmm… who do you think will make a better senator?

The “vitriol” directed at Ausbrooks “for simply having the courage to stand on that stage knowing where he is and saying he’s gay, that kind of bullying, that kind of unbelievably cruel rhetoric, I don’t know that they realize — I hope they don’t realize — how impactful that is. There could be kids up here, Republican or Democratic kids, who are struggling with their sexuality and that could have been a death sentence. And that’s not hyperbole.”

The Republican followers behaved just like their idol, crude and rude just like their leader taught them.

More Republicans than Kelley Paul hit on the topic during Saturday’s festivities. Ryan Quarles, GOP commissioner of agriculture and candidate for governor, said he “believes that it’s wrong to let biological boys compete with girls in women’s sports.”


State Rep. Richard Heath, R-Mayfield, touted the legislature’s accomplishments, including passing a law to “prohibit biological males from competing in women’s sports.”


Paul also targeted drag queens, usually male performers who dress in an exaggeratedly feminine costume.


House Speaker and event emcee David Osborne, R-Prospect, said Democrats “continue to be more and more out of touch with reality.

Gee, who do you think are more out of touch with reality? 

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