Friday, November 01, 2019

We Are Not Immune

There is no reason why trans people can’t be transphobic… we can be both internalized and external transphobic. Some of the comments that I receive on my blog shows that, though I see it more as “Lateral Hostility.” 
Trans People Can Be Transphobic Too
The Case of Blaire WhiteMediumBy Rachel Anne WilliamsOctober 29, 2019

This might sound petty, but I recently retweeted infamous trans Youtuber Blaire White and called her a fascist transphobe. She replied to me and her 200k+ followers descended upon me quickly.The most popular type of comment was: “How can she be transphobic if she’s trans?”

Indeed. How can a trans person be transphobic? Is that even possible?

Yes. Yes it is.

You see, Blaire does not believe that nonbinary people are valid.[…]She basically says nonbinary people aren’t “scientifically valid” and they’re not real in the way binary trans people with gender dysphoria are real. She calls them “genders-of-the-week” and says there’s “nothing to measure them with” (um, how do she think binary genders are “measured”?).
Oh yes… the old “I’m more trans than you!”

We have all seen it… “You’re just a man in a dress”... “You’re not a real woman unless you had ‘the surgery’”... “A man, by any other name, (or dress or ‘presentation’), is stilts man”

It is a pecking order or a hierarchy.

We see it in any marginalized community, those who want to disassociate from an oppressed peoples… I am not like them! They’re “fresh off the boat!”

And the trans community I not exempt.
And beyond her invalidation of nonbinary people, Blaire has also said some pretty gross things about binary trans women, usually resorting to making fun of their appearance of even misgendering them if they don’t live up to her impossible standards of patriarchal femininity. And here she is being a shit person and making fun of a gender nonconforming nonbinary person.
They are the followers of Harry Benjamin.


  1. You need to be careful with Harry Benjamin Diana because his work was butchered and bastardized by the HBS crowd after his death. In fact Benjamin was the one who suggested the spectrum in the first place.

    I wouldn't pay too much attention to Blair White as she is the latest flavour of the month HBSer who gets great glee from aligning with TERFS and right wingers with her "every one is invalid except me". We have seen that tune played many times before.

  2. True but the original concept of the “true transsexual females” was introduced by Harry Benjamin and it required you to be attracted to the opposite sex and being able to pass in you true gender. The “true transsexual females” reinforced the gender binary.

    Also true Blair White is just one of many but the article was about her.

  3. Agree but the nomiker of "true transsexual" is just a term. The important thing to retain is that they were at the apex of severity of dysphoria. This did not invite them to disparage others.