Tuesday, November 26, 2019

We Are Being Erased.

We are being systematically erased from the government websites… one page at a time.

Pink News reported that,
Researchers have revealed that under the Trump administration LGBT+ language, data, resource pages and anti-discrimination information has been disappearing from government websites.

The research was conducted by the Sunlight Foundation’s Web Integrity Project (WIP) which says its “mission is to monitor changes to government websites, holding our government accountable by revealing shifts in public information and access to Web resources, as well as changes in stated policies and priorities.”

Researchers combed 142 government websites that included LGBT-related information, all created before Trump took office, to create a report looking at how LGBT+ content and language had changed during Trump’s presidency.

Compared with previous versions of the pages accessed via Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine, the WIP found that 57 percent pages had altered LGBT+ terms.
Their hate for us is so great that they are removing all references about anything trans, lesbian, gay, queer, or bi. Over the years various Republicans have called for us to be murdered, put concentration camps, and criminalized.

Down in Texas, Georgia, South Carolina, and Kentucky there have been legislation introduced banning doctors from treating trans children even through every major medical and psychiatric professional association has denounced the bills. Research has shown that denying proper healthcare for trans children leads to higher suicide rates in the children. It is almost like that is the goal of the Republicans.

NBC news
The statements made by Ehrhart and a number of other lawmakers, however, perpetuate the false notion that transgender and gender-expansive children are routinely subjected to, as Erhart put it, “life-altering, irreversible surgeries and drug treatments that render them sterile and permanently disfigured.” In fact, medical guidelines call for treating gender dysphoria in pre-pubescent youth with a social transition, like the use of new pronouns, names and attire. Ehrhart said her bill would not impact social transitions.
The Republicans have no qualms about lying; from Trump on down to the state and local levels. If lies serve their purpose they will lie through their teeth.

Vox wrote that,
But Condon [Colleen Condon, board president of the South Carolina LGBTQ rights group Alliance for Full Acceptance] fears Jones’s efforts will have the opposite effect. “It feels like he’s trying to drive our trans teens to the grave,” she said.
And overall, the ban could be very dangerous for trans young people, who are already at high risk of attempting suicide, Condon said. In one recent study, over 50 percent of trans male teens said they had tried to end their own lives, along with nearly 30 percent of trans female teens.
The administration is using the full weight of the government to kill us. You think that is an exaggeration? Well read on.

Another government website that we are being erased from is the CDC website any reference to trans people has been taken down.
Trump War Against Trans Americans Continues as CDC Replaces LGBTQ References with LGB
By Phaylen Fairchild
November 24, 2019

In the ongoing war on transgender and non-binary Americans, the Trump administration has scrubbed the official website of the Center for Disease Control of all references to transgender and non-binary identities on specific pages related to queer youth, while also deleting transgender statistics from the 2015 and 2017 Youth Risk Behavior Surveys.
But that is not the only place we have been attacked by the Trump administration, this one is even more draconian.
Just yesterday, the Trump administration stripped all policies for transgender prison inmates that protected them from rape and abuse.
The Office of Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity is actively seeking to remove protections for trans people which once prevented them from being evicted on the basis of their gender identity. They have already exchanged the word “Gender” with “Sex” in their policies.
The Trump Administration currently has a 90% approval rating among Republicans and Evangelicals. This has only increased during the recent impeachment inquiry leading many political experts to predict that Donald Trump will win his re-election bid in 2020.
The Republicans don’t care if we die because they know that we don’t vote Republican, all they care about is that our deaths get them elected and campaign contributions.

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