Monday, August 19, 2019

Taken The Child Away

Last week I wrote about the child who was trans and her parents were fighting the school over her name… well happened again and this time it is here in Connecticut.
In lawsuit, Catholic couple says religious bias drove DCF to remove gay daughter from home
Hartford Courant
By Josh Kovner
August 16, 2019

In a case involving parental rights and a daughter’s pursuit of her sexual identity, a Catholic couple from Mansfield has sued E.O. Smith High School and the state Department of Children and Families, alleging religious bias motivated officials to temporarily place the 17-year-old in foster care.

“After learning that my daughter is homosexual and that our family is Catholic, E.O. Smith High School staff members launched a campaign to undermine our parental rights, to keep my wife and I away from our daughter and to destroy our relationship with our daughter,” the father said in an affidavit.

The parents are referred to as John and Jane Doe in lawsuits against the school and the child protection agency, filed in the spring and early summer.

School officials and DCF intervened after the young woman expressed thoughts about suicide.
Well it is no surprise that the daughter is suicidal with parents who don’t accept her as a lesbian.

Research has shown that children who have parents that are non-accepting of their being LGBTQ+ have higher incidents of suicidal idealizations. For trans people it has been reported that 41 percent of suicidal idealizations than the general population.

Of course the parents see it as…
“My daughter’s history of suicidal ideation stems in part from personal battles with her sexuality,” the father’s affidavit goes on to say. The document was filed in support of the couple’s request to use pseudonyms.
It can’t be the fact that the parents are trying to force her to be straight.
Soares [The parents’ lawyer, Ashling M. Soares of Westport] alleges Assistant Attorney General Susan Castonguay improperly contacted the teenager.

Castonguay “instructed her as to what she should report to DCF regarding her parents,” the lawsuit says.
As I wrote last week,
This has always been a dilemma. Many conservatives say that the parents have an absolute control over a child until they are eighteen while many liberals say only until it affects a child’s health then it becomes child abuse.
What do you think?

When the parents deny a LGBTQ+ child too be who they are, should the child be taken away from their parents?

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  1. I had to answer "I don't know" because there are so many variables, and each case is different. I would never give a definite "no," but if this girl can just hold on for one more year....