Sunday, August 25, 2019

A Hatchet Job

You know it is not going to say good things about us from a Catholic news site, and we aren’t wrong in that assumption.
How do we respond to the transgender trend?
Conference seeks to empower parents with facts about the gender movement
Denver Catholic
By Aaron Lambert
August 23, 2019

Emily Zinos may not be a scholar or a doctor, but as a concerned mom who sees the danger of the transgender trend, she brings a unique perspective to the conversation and articulates it better than most.

The St. Paul, Minn., mother of seven (with an eighth on the way) could no longer remain silent on the issue when during the 12th year of her kids attending a local public charter school, the gender issue “landed on my doorstep.”

“We had a kindergartner in school and the parents said that [he] the five-year-old boy was gender-nonconforming,” Zinos told the Denver Catholic. “I really hadn’t heard of the phenomenon of kids identifying as trans or gender-nonconforming until that happened. But when it did, I had really no choice but to speak up.”
In my day we had a term for that… A buttinski. When someone dives in with an opinion on a topic that they have no knowledge.

When I saw that it was named Made This Way conference, I thought it was a pro-trans conference… wrong.
“Most everything people are reading or hearing about transgender-identified kids is going from advocacy groups who have an interest in people coming to a very particular conclusion,” Zinos said. “Unfortunately, that [means] that thousands of kids across the country are losing their fertility and losing their heathy [sic] body parts. I really think that needs to stop.”

The guide was vetted by experts in law, medicine and education, Zinos said, and it is also co-branded by five different organizations that “come from across the political spectrum.”
Somehow after reading “losing their heathy body parts. I really think that needs to stop.” I don’t think that her booklet will be positive.

Was it the FRC?  Or maybe it was Drs. Paul McHugh and Zucker? Or possibly the American College of Pediatricians

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  1. I never lost my "heathy" body part. I just have it neatly tucked away behind a shrub. :-)