Thursday, December 06, 2018

Hate From A Surprising Source

Maybe it is because of fear that the parents would be blamed somehow if the child was trans, but whatever the reason the parents overreacted.
Mother pulls son from preschool after he wore a dress while allegedly playing dress-up
Yahoo Lifestyle By Elise Solé
December 4, 2018

A mother has pulled her son from preschool after she claims the school allowed the boy to wear a dress.

On Friday, Kayla Bedford, 24, a stay-at-home mother in Wichita, Kan., withdrew her 2-year-old son Zach from the private Christian school Bethany Early Childhood Center after her girlfriend reportedly saw the boy “parading around in a dress” after she dropped him off that morning.

Kayla says after saying goodbye to the boy, her girlfriend turned to look and saw that the 2-year-old was putting on a dress. “She came back into the classroom and took off the dress saying, ‘We don’t do this’ in front of the teacher,” Kayla tells Yahoo Lifestyle. “I am a lesbian, but I don’t push my son in any direction. Whatever he decides to do or wear in the future is his decision.”
The mother came back later in the day to talk to the teacher when she saw her son in  dress again and called her father.

The Daily Mail reported that…
Malcolm confronted the teacher, who was surrounded by children in her classroom, and later posted a clip of their conversation on his Facebook page.

'My daughter called me and told me she had an issue here about my grandson being in a dress,' Malcolm tells the teacher. 'I'm trying to see what the issue is about.'

The teacher, whose name has not been released, told Malcolm he needed to talk to the school's director. But he wasn't satisfied with her response.

'I come down here because we don't do that transgender and all that,' he tells the teacher. 'We don't do that.'

'He's two,' she replies.
'I don't appreciate you encouraging him to put on no dress, for a second day too,' Malcolm continues. 'I don't appreciate that.'

'And don't think this is going away, I'm going further with this. The next time you put any kid in a dress, we're going to make you go viral.' 

'Okay, you need to go talk to my director,' the teacher tells him.
'No, I'm speaking to you,' Malcolm replies, raising his voice.

'Please don't speak to me in that tone with my children around,' the teacher tells him.
Well first off I think the grandfather was very wrong to raise his voice in front of the children and I think that the mother was also wrong in criticizing the teacher in front of the children.

The children are innocent from the concerns of the parents and now all the children are probably afraid that they did something wrong. How will that anger affect the children’s lives? What if one of the children is trans how will it affect that child would they be afraid to come out now when they see this violent reaction to crossdressing?

What the Yahoo article didn’t mention that the Daily Mail did is…
She then stormed back into the classroom, took off the dress, and told the teacher 'We don't do this'.

'I am a lesbian, but I don't push my son in any direction,' Bedford told Yahoo!
Does learning that she is a lesbian change your thoughts about the incident? If so how?

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  1. Diane Smith12/6/18, 4:17 PM

    Interesting how times change. Over 50 years ago, when I was five, I tried to put on a dress and heels in the "dress-up" play area of my preschool. The teachers would have none of this, forced me to remove the clothes, and called my parents to pick me up from school for the day. In this case, it was the school that overreacted and my mother who kind of laughed it off and didn't think it was any kind of big deal. Now this school is more tolerant than the parents! If I had little kids, I'd be thrilled to find a school for them where gender experimentation was permitted and encouraged.