Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Why I love Connecticut

There are so many people who only look at what is wrong Connecticut and some many people who think taxes are the most important thing and not the quality of life. So decided that I want to write today on what I think makes Connecticut so great.
  • We have one of the longest life spans of any of the states
  • To go along with the long life we are the one of the healthiest states
  • We care about our residents by providing healthcare and social services
  • We have more community services like longer library hours, senior centers, and community centers.
  • I can take a train to New York or Boston and only have to drive a couple of miles to the station. 
  • If I want to go to the ocean, Rhode Island is less than a two hour drive.
  • If I want to go to the mountains it is just over an hour drive, Vermont and New Hampshire are just over a two hour drive.
  • Our winters make us enjoy the spring so much more and our summers make us enjoy the fall. And we have no black fly or mud seasons!
  • But most important to me as a trans woman, Connecticut is that the state respects my dignity. They do not use me to gather votes for their political cause; they do not try to segregate me, they do not try to make people fear me.
Today I am at Canton Senior Center for their LGBT Day, there are a number of town around central Connecticut that are hosting a “LGBT Moveable Senior Center” and today is Canton’s turn to hold it. The MSC is nothing special just a day to recognize lesbians, gays, bi and trans people by having a speaker, or movie, or an activity for LGBT seniors. It doesn’t cost the towns anything because the extra expense is covered by a grant. Do you know how many other states do this? Zero, zilch, nada, not one other state does this. Sure some of the larger cities have senior centers for LGBT seniors but they are dedicated LGBT centers not town senior centers.

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