Sunday, December 27, 2015

Too Tall Women

For trans people being tall is a curse. They are always being “read” and have to put up with all the negative comments that go with it. Even trans people call them names. Gender dysphoria has no rules on who is bitten by it; nature doesn’t just limit gender dysphoria to those who can integrate into society.

But it is even worst to cis women who are tall.
Why being 6ft 2in tall makes it hard to be a woman
Jes Fernie has never fitted in to society’s idea of a typical female. Now her daughter’s height is shooting up, will she face the same problems?
The Guardian
 By Jes Fernie
Saturday 26 December 2015

As a 6ft 2in woman, I have been able to monitor, on a daily basis, the extent of society’s limited parameters of what it is to be female. Now that my daughter is fast approaching my height, I am looking at the situation anew, scratching around for any signs of progress. Will she be called “sir” with the regularity of a finely tuned clock? Will she be mistaken for a transvestite and nearly beaten up in a dark Manchester side street? Will she be offered sex in Soho (“Looking for a good time, mate?”) or be asked if she is a model (“A model what? A model citizen? Certainly not an aeroplane”). Will she have to cross to the other side of the road late at night when walking behind a woman who thinks she is a man? (The mental gymnastics!)
Every bit of social cueing pitched me as an aberration. Every film I had seen, every advertisement, every relationship I witnessed, taught me that the natural order of things is that a woman looks up to a man. This relation of small to tall is so elaborately enshrined in the minutiae of daily life that it is pretty hard to unravel. It sets up a pattern of well-honed oppositional binaries: protector/ protected, masculine/feminine, powerful/powerless. It dictates who we are attracted to, and how our fantasies are constructed. The archetypal photo of a male-female couple (his arm around her, her head nuzzled against his chest) speaks volumes about the strict code of behaviour expected of each sex.
Society does not like anyone who is outside of the gender norm; people can be cruel to them. Society tries to push us into those little boxes of male and female but at the same time nature is exploring ways to expand those boxes. For those who are born intersex trying to be crammed into those boxes starts the day they are born.

Ask yourself this question, why do they even have boxes on birth certificates. I know that some birth certificates record the footprint or hand print of the baby, doesn’t that make more sense than recording the gender of thee baby?

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