Thursday, December 17, 2015

Doing The Right Thing

The YMCA is doing the right thing and is getting push-back from the conservatives.
New Pierce, Kitsap YMCA policy change for transgender members raises concern
Fox 13
Posted, December 16, 2015,
By Janet Kim

PUYALLUP, Wash. -- The YMCA of Pierce and Kitsap Counties announced this week that it’s putting together new rules for its transgender members.

The policy is aimed at helping the transgender community, but some people are afraid the police [sic] could put others at risk.

The YMCA leadership says the purpose of the new policy changes is to be more inclusive in the community, but there has been backlash, with some fearful this will open the door to a lot more than those who are transgender.

This week, Autumn Bennett plans to cancel her family's YMCA membership.
“I can't in good faith give my money to an organization that prides itself on honesty and integrity and say they want to protect children, that's going to do something like this,” said Bennett.
It must be hard to live in fear all the time. To live in the fear that the conservatives have created with their incessant fear mongering about trans people and bathrooms.

The “Y” said,
The YMCA won’t comment on personnel issues. However, since announcing the policy change, the organization admits some have cancelled memberships. However, leaders stress there’s no reason for anyone to fear.

“We do have some procedures in place that staff are equipped and empowered,” LaRue said. “Our heart goes out to anyone who feels they can’t continue their membership at the Y, but I believe the Y is one of the safest places to be, and I don’t think this changes that.”
Not only that but they also up graded their facilities to increase the privacy for all of its members. No one likes getting undressed in front of anyone else, so it sounds like to me they improved and everyone benefited from the upgrade.


  1. Are you really open to taking real uncensored comments on this?

  2. If the comments are not derogatory, vulgar, or hateful.