Thursday, December 03, 2015

Gun Control

Connecticut I believe has a sensible gun control policy that could be a model for the country. According to Wikipedia,
On April 1, 2013, Connecticut lawmakers announced a deal on what they called some of the "toughest gun laws in the country." In retrospect however, Connecticut's gun laws still remain more permissive than in neighboring states and California (especially with respect to open and concealed carry), even after new gun control legislation following the Sandy Hook shooting went into effect. This new legislation included a ban on new high-capacity ammunition magazines, although magazines lawfully owned prior to the ban may be kept. The proposal also called for background checks for private gun sales and a new registry for existing magazines that carry more than 10 bullets.[8] The package also creates what state lawmakers said is the nation's first statewide dangerous weapon offender registry, immediate universal background checks for all firearms sales and expansion of Connecticut's assault weapons ban.[9] On April 3 the State Senate, followed shortly thereafter at midnight, April 4, the State House approved a bipartisan gun control legislation that would be "the toughest in the United States".[10] It was signed into law by Governor Dannel Malloy on April 4. The law makes Connecticut the first state to establish a registry for people convicted of crimes involving dangerous weapons. It also requires background checks for all gun sales, restricts semiautomatic rifles, and limits the capacity of ammunition magazines.
Gun control will not eliminate mass shootings but it might reduce their numbers, according to the data collected by there have been 355 mass shootings so far this year and we still have a month to go for 2015.

I had nothing against people who want to keep a pistol, or a rife, or a shotgun in their home for protection or carry a concealed pistol if they are in a high risk job, what I have a problem with is those who feel they need a semi-automatic weapon with high capacity clips with armor piecing ammunition or Streetsweeper Shotguns. I do not feel that there is any valid reason to own them.

In Connecticut we do not have a “Stand Your Ground” law, what we have is a “Castle Doctrine
The Castle Doctrine is incorporated into Connecticut law governing the use of physical force in defense of premises. This law states that a person who possesses or controls a premises, or is licensed or privileged to be on such premises, is justified in using reasonable physical force upon another person when he or she reasonably believes it to be necessary to prevent or stop someone from criminally trespassing. Deadly force is reasonable only (1) to defend oneself or another; (2) when one reasonably believes deadly force is necessary to prevent an attempt by the trespasser to commit arson or any violent crime; or (3) to the extent the person reasonably believes it is necessary and only to prevent or terminate an unlawful entry by force into his or her dwelling or place of work (CGS § 53a-20).
Connecticut does not have a stand-your-ground law, but instead requires an individual to retreat when able to do so. Under state law, the use of deadly force that might otherwise have been justifiable is not warranted if someone “knows that he can avoid the necessity of using such force with complete retreating...” (CGS § 53a-19(b)); State v. Garrison, 203 Conn. 466, 472, (1987)). The state's Castle Doctrine law is an exception to this requirement to retreat. In 2007, a bill was introduced to enact stand-your-ground legislation, but did not pass the Judiciary Committee.
I believe that the “Stand Your Ground Law” is wrong. The victim does doesn’t get a chance to rebut the shooter claim of self-defense because he is dead.

Take a look at this video; unfortunately it is just another day in America.

Let’s not have another day like yesterday.

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