Wednesday, February 11, 2015

You Never Know what Is Going To Happen At One Of Those Weddings

An interesting poll about same-sex weddings,
Poll: 43% of Americans ‘uncomfortable’ bringing a child to a same-sex wedding
Pink News
10th February 2015,
By Scott Roberts

Research by GLAAD shows some non-LGBT Americans still report substantial levels of discomfort with LGBT co-workers, family, and neighbours, despite historic legal progress for marriage equality.
One-third (34%) say they would be uncomfortable attending the wedding of a same-sex couple, with 22% saying they would feel very uncomfortable.

A substantially larger group (43%) responds they would be uncomfortable bringing a child to the wedding of a same-sex couple.
You never know what will happen at a gay or lesbian wedding… maybe it will be an orgy. You know how those people are! They are having sex all the time.

Really what do they actually think is going to happen? It’s a wedding! Yes the couple will probably kiss when the minister or justice of the peace pronounces them married and probably at the reception when people start ringing their glasses the couple will kiss just like any other marriage.

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