Thursday, February 12, 2015

This Time The Lesbians And Gays Are Thrown Under The Bus

The tables have turned, a newly appointed Catholic Bishop in Vermont  welcome trans people but not lesbians and gays,
Vermont Catholic Bishop Affirms Trans People; LGB Folks, Not So Much
The new bishop in the Green Mountain State has welcoming words for trans people but less affirming remarks about same-sex relationships.
By Stevie St. John
February 10 2015

Vermont — a state that adopted marriage equality early in the game and was the onetime home of “Hubby Hubby” ice cream — has a new Roman Catholic bishop, and he has some affirming words for transgender people. However, he sees same-sex relationships as not “matching up” to what the Catholic Church calls on its members to “strive for” when it comes to sexuality and relationships.

Bishop Christopher Coyne of the Burlington diocese, which covers the entire state, said during a recent Vermont Public Radio interview that he not only would welcome transgender people in church but that he acknowledges the evidence that trans people do not choose to be trans.

“There’s more and more evidence coming forward that a lot of this is biological ... that transgender people are really struggling with the idea of gender identity … and that’s through no fault of their own. And so there’s no fault to be made, actually. This is who they are. ... Everyone is God’s creatures. And I would invite anyone to come to the table,” said Coyne, who even said he wants people to call him out if he inadvertently uses the wrong pronoun for a trans person or says something harmful.
Sorry ladies and gentleman, I hope the tire tracks didn’t hurt too much.

But in all seriousness your sexual orientation is just as much a biological factor as my gender identity, it is not a choice, we are all born the way we are. The new bishop is just following the same ol’ party line.

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