Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Guess What Burr Is Sticking In Conservatives’…

You guessed it… bathrooms and this time is because the teachers’ union has endorsed trans students using the bathroom of their gender identity.
Does this teachers’ union want boys in girls’ restrooms?
Human Events
By Jason Hart
Wednesday Feb 4, 2015

The American Federation of Teachers has endorsed a transgender advocacy campaign asserting men should be permitted in women’s restrooms, and vice versa.

The public policy position taken by AFT, America’s second-largest teachers union, could have major implications for school children across the country.
Ryan Anderson, William E. Simon Fellow in Religion and a Free Society at the conservative Heritage Foundation, disagrees.

“The government shouldn’t force decisions on which bathroom people use based on ‘gender identity,’” Anderson said in an email to “Citizens should be free to make their own bathroom policies based on biological sex.”
I like the term “biological sex” does that mean they want to test everyone DNA or hormones levels and set standards on what determines maleness and femaleness? And what will they do about intersex people?

If they are so concerned with us using the bathroom of our gender identity then they should be able to use the nurse’s bathroom.

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