Tuesday, February 10, 2015

When Will The Hate End?

Four dead.

Four trans women murder in the last month.

When you are LGBT it is like walking around with a target on your back for every bigot to take their hatred out on you and it is even worse if you are a person of color.
Every Breath a Black Trans Woman Takes Is an Act of Revolution
Huffington Post
By Lourdes Ashley Hunter: National Director of The Trans Women of Color Collective
Posted: 02/06/2015

Every 28 hours a Black person is murdered. I also know that every 32 hours a transgender person is murdered. The average age of the 12 transgender women of color brutally murdered last year in this country (in less than 6 months) is less than 35 years old. What I do know is that Islan Nettles was pummeled to her death outside a NYC police station and none of the 12 cameras in the surrounding area that should've recorded her attack were operating properly -- and even though the police pulled her murderer off her body, he still walks the streets today.

This inhumane treatment of our lives has taken its toll. In January, there were reports of four brutal murders of Black trans and gender non-conforming people of color. There has been no national outrage over our lives. The lack of response regarding the physical and structural violence we face sends a resounding message that our lives are disposable, that our lives don't matter.
And it is not just trans people who are being murdered, it is also lesbians and gays.
Lesbian couple gunned down by obsessed U.S. Coast Guard co-worker
Staff and Wire Reports
February 8, 2015

BOURNE, Mass. — A heavily armed Coast Guard member, allegedly obsessed for years with an attractive former co-worker — a lesbian who married another female co-worker — is charged with fatally wounding the woman and seriously injuring her spouse.

Lisa Trubnikova was killed in a shooting in Bourne, Mass., on Thursday. Her spouse, Anna Trubnikova, was wounded and was hospitalized in stable condition.

The two women were U.S. Coast Guard petty officers.
Another Coast Guard member, Adrian Loya, of Chesapeake, Va., has been charged in the shooting.
Please stop the hate.

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