Wednesday, February 18, 2015

I Am Of Two Thoughts

There is an article on Bilerco about “Building a More Resilient Transgender Community” and I can see two different views. The first is that these are good tips for us and the other is that it is society that has to change. The article points out these areas that the community needs to do to be safer,

Optimism About Your Future – she write that negative thoughts are destructive and leads to suicide.

Strong Social Support from Family, Friends, and Co-Workers – one of the things that I learned in social work school was how important a support network. Those who have a strong support network are more likely to have a successful transition.

Belief That Your Life Has Purpose and Meaning – this is another important positive factor. Many times we wallow in depression with no focus, for me it is working toward making the world more accepting of us. Doing what I can to help other trans people.

Feeling Like You Belong to a Group – this helps, but I don’t know how important it I, I know many trans people who get by because they have a strong support network.

Willingness to Seek Help/Willingness to Talk and also Cultural Norms That Encourage People to Seek Help – I think many trans women still have that “male macho” culture stuff hanging around and try to go it on their own.

Effective Coping and Problem-Solving Skills – this is a biggy! I was using coping skill when I didn’t even realize it. When I was doing an independent studies class for the MSW, my professor gave me a book in coping skill and grounding and when I read it I realized that I was already using those skills. One time I was giving a seminar to doctors and therapist I went over some coping skills that I have learned. Afterward a therapist emailed me saying how great a presentation I gave, she said she rode up with me in the elevator and noticed the coping skill I was using, watching the floor numbers on the display to avoid looking at the other people in the elevator.

These are all good tips to learn, but my thoughts are why should we have to learn them. Society shouldn’t  force us to learn them, instead society should embrace diversity instead of ostracizing us. If we were not marginalized none of this would be necessary because all these skills are to deal with rejection.

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