Saturday, June 21, 2014

Saturday Six #532

Patrick’s Place Saturday Six #532

1. X is for XANTHOCYANOPSY: Do you or anyone in your family have color-blindness? If so, what color is the most difficult to see?
My cousin is colorblind and I have no idea what colors he has a hard time seeing. But I do know that it kept him out of Vietnam.

2. X is for XANTHODONT: How quickly do you notice someone’s teeth? Is there such a thing as “too white?”
I don’t pay any attentions to a persons teeth.

3. X is for XENAGOGUE: If had to serve as a “tour guide” for your hometown, how well do you think you’d do on a scale of 1 to 10?
Probably an 8.5, it is a small town and I lived here all my life so I know it pretty good.

4. X is for XENODOCHEIONOLOGY: What do you love most about staying in a hotel?
Nothing, I don’t like staying in hotels. I much prefer Bed and Breakfasts over hotels.

5. X is for XENOPHOBIA: Have you ever felt uncomfortable around a group of foreigners if you were outnumbered by them?
Nope, where I used to work most of our customers were Asian.

6. X is for XU: How many foreign coins or paper bills do you own?
Oh, I have a box of foreign coins. My parents traveled a lot and they brought home their left over foreign currency.

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