Sunday, May 11, 2014

On This Mother’s Day

Being a transgender son or daughter or a transgender parent creates a lot of stress on a family. When we transition our whole family transitions with us.
This mom says what every transgender child needs to hear.

Zoe is a transgender girl, a girl who was born a boy but who has long identified and genuinely felt like a girl. She is happy that California passed a law, AB 1266, to ensure she is able to participate fully as her authentic self at school. Her mom is super supportive and inspiring too!
Children who transition dashed their parents’ dreams for them. All of a sudden their father’s dreams of playing sports with their son is ripped away, a mother’s dream of their daughter’s wedding now is no more.

For some parents they cannot make the change, they cannot accept their child’s true gender and they cast their child out on to the street, while others force their child in to a gender that is not their true gender, forces them to live a lie. Many other parents see their child is happier, less stressed and know that this is right for their child.

When a parent transitions now their children have to face having two dads or two moms and for some children they cannot handle the change. For many reason their children cannot accept the transgender parents, it may be because of religious beliefs, it may be because of peer pressure in school or it may be because of the other parent.

For many trans-men this day has special meaning, the recognition of their motherhood. For some it is an unwelcome reminder while others embrace to day.

Our transition is tremendously stressful on families, but many families overcome all these barriers and if not function as a family they still share the family bond.

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  1. For the last 11 years this day has been bittersweet for me. I have memories I want to forget and to be honest I don't miss my Mom that much anymore. I miss Louise/Tubby. I've had some deep and difficult counseling sessions remembering the insults, being told I wasn't good enough like her nieces and nephews and always having a price to pay. I know what's on my heart and went through but I can't imagine in your world for lack of a better term to not being able to be YOU. I guess we both had to find our peace and happiness after everyone passed. Been thinking about you since I got up this morning. I know what I'm trying to say and I'm not sure it's coming out right. I wish we were closer for some real long talks. Love you Cuz...make it a good day Like I will. Thank goodness Mark is here. I have a camera on this laptop...we can Skype or do something if you tell me how. I'd love to talk to you.