Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Are We Going The Way Of The Dinosaurs

A few years ago I asked that question; as people start coming out at a younger age the number of those who come out later in life will decrease. Back when I was a child there was little information about transgenderism and what there was, was usually negative. There was a huge stigma attached to trans-people and societal pressure to stay in the closet was huge. Now all that is fading away, kids now can look up on the internet and learn they are not alone and there are support groups for pre-kindergarten trans-kids.

When I was little I remember a revolutionary book that came out called “Our Bodies, Ourselves” and the controversy that it stirred up, now there is a book for us called “Trans Bodies, Trans Selves.”
For transgender people, a massive new resource: ‘Trans Bodies, Trans Selves’
DAVID CRARY | Associated Press
Thursday, May 1, 2014

NEW YORK — As transgender people strive to gain more acceptance and legal protections, they will soon have a hefty new resource to assist them — a 672-page book, written by scores of transgender contributors, that encompasses social history, gender politics and wide-ranging advice on health, law, relationships and many other matters.

Encyclopedic in scope, conversational in tone, and candid about complex sexual issues, the Oxford University Press book being released in mid-May is titled “Trans Bodies, Trans Selves” — a deliberate echo of a pioneering feminist health-resource book, “Our Bodies, Ourselves” that appeared more than 40 years ago
The goal for “Trans Bodies, Trans Selves,” she writes, was “to make it as radical as its predecessor” — an act of empowerment through which transgender people exert more control over the available information about their lives.
There are a number of contributors to the book including Jennifer Finney Boylan, Aidan Key, Julia Serano, Andrea James, and many more authors, over 200 hundred in total. The afterward was written by “Wendy Sanford, one of the co-founders of the Boston-based collective that published ‘Our Bodies, Ourselves’ in 1973.”

I wonder what life would have been like if we had this book when I was a teenager.

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