Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Who Are The True Fiscal Conservatives?

The Republicans boast that they are the fiscal conservatives and that the Democrats are the reckless spenders, but look at the surplus/deficit for each President going back to President Johnson.

Change was calculated from President's first year’s debit to the last year’s debit after that President’s budget (i.e. President Bush, W. took office in 2000, but his first budget was in 2001 and his last budget was for the 2009 fiscal year.) and adjusted for inflation. (From “U.S. Federal Deficits, Presidents, and Congress”) Also I do not mean the national debit, but the difference between income and expenses, how much was collected in taxes verses how much was spent.

Johnson decreased the deficit by $2,146,225,006   
Nixon increased the deficit by $17,581,577,773        
Ford increased the deficit by $69,190,733,924   
Carter decreased the deficit by $4,328,272,827
Regan increased the deficit by $106,541,043,476
Bush H. increased the deficit by $34,326,854,936
Clinton decreased the deficit by $164,787,361,848
Bush W. increased the deficit by $803,424,990,821
Obama decreased the deficit by $329,164,144,030 (First 2 years only)

Black = decrease in deficit Red = increase in deficit

Here is a graph of the budget surplus/Deficit by President…

So who are the real fiscal conservatives?

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