Saturday, January 01, 2011

Saturday Six – Episode 351

Patrick’s Place Saturday Six – Episode 351

1. Did you make big plans for your New Year’s celebration?
Yes, I bought a good book to read, some of those fake fire logs and a bottle of sparkling grape juice.

2. Do you prefer to go out on New Year’s Eve or stay in and watch others celebrate on TV?
Staying in for the night (too many drunks out on the road) and curling up in front of the fire and reading.

3. Do you make New Year’s resolutions?

4. If you do make resolutions, how many have you made this year; if not, how long has it been since you made them?
I just don’t see the logic of making a resolution that you know you will not keep and end up feeling depressed over it when you don’t keep it.

5. Take the quiz: What Does Your New Year’s Eve Say About You?

You Appreciate Luxury

You are spontaneous and outgoing. You love to splurge and, in fact, splurge often.
You are responsible and restrained. You've gotten far in your life from being disciplined.
Right now, you value your own needs most. You believe it's time to take care of yourself.
You are open to whatever comes your way. You are ready for a big change in your life.

6. What would you most like to change about yourself in 2011?
My lack in energy.


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  2. Because, my Facebook page has too much personal information about me. Like my last name and telephone number.

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