Saturday, January 08, 2011

Place Saturday Six – Episode 352

Patrick’s Place Saturday Six – Episode 352

1. Would you like to gain weight or lose weight in 2011?

Lose weight, around 60lbs

2. On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the most fit, where do you rank yourself?
A 2, I am terrible out of shape.

3. Can you go to a gym and do a workout without any assistance or need for motivation?
I don’t like gyms, too much testosterone. Being a trans-women, I feel that it would be a very unfriendly environment.

4. Do you think you’d accomplish more or less if you had a workout/diet partner?
Yes, I use to go walking once or twice a week, but my walking partners have moved away.

5. Take the quiz:
What’s Your Fitness Personality?

Your Fitness Type is Competitive

You love to work out, but you definitely need a challenge to stay motivated.
You love to compete - both with others and yourself. You have to have goal in mind.

You thrive in team sports, and consider trying a new one to shake things up a bit.
And if you are between teams, set up your own competition. Find a few fitness goals and see how quickly you can reach them.

Boy, is this so far off base.
First I didn’t like the choices…
2. What do you like least about exercise?
My answer would have been, “Its work!”
3. What would you be most game to try?
My answer would have been, “Walking.”
4. Exercising makes you feel:
My answer would have been, “Tired.”
5. What's the thing most likely to make you stop exercising for a while?
My answer would have been, “Its hard work.”

6. You’re working out in the gym and you spot a group of people who are lifting a lot more weight than you and being a little obnoxious about it: would that bother you or could you successfully ignore them without feeling any pressure?
See my answer for number 3.
I once did an “Outreach” (going out to talk to classes about trans-issues) and it was for a class in physical training that athletes had to take. The class was all “Jocks” and they just sat there with there arms crossed, legs wide open in the typical male dominance poise and they did ask a single question all class. Therefore, the person I did the outreach with, we each asked the other questions… So Sue what did you find most difficult when you transitioned?

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  1. I'm a big fan of yoga, particularly West Hartford Yoga if you live anywhere nearby. I can't say you would find every yoga studio to be a welcoming environment, but it might be worth a try. :)