Monday, June 01, 2009

Blogging for LGBT Families Day 2009

When we come out of the “closet,” it affects everyone in our family. Everyone in our extended must adjust to us being lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender and for some family members for one reason or another they cannot make that adjustment. We become disenfranchised and never see our family or a family member ever again. In other families, they accept us with open arms.

However, as more and more states adopted marriage equality, their children are facing new struggles. In the past couple of weeks, there was a press conference and a seminar on bullying in schools and a major component is bullying against children of LGBT parents. At the events, a number of children told their stories about being harassed in school and the school administration looking the other way. At PTO meetings or teacher/parent meetings, the parents faced discrimination and intolerance by the staff or the other parents. One transgender parent was asked not to volunteer as a chaperon at school functions, not because of anything that she did, but because of who she is. They told her that she made the other parents uncomfortable.

On this “Blogging for LGBT Families Day” we must all work together to end discrimination, harassment and bigotry against LGBT families.

For a list of blogs that are taking part in “Blogging for LGBT Families” visit Mombian a lifestyle web site for lesbian moms and other LGBT parents

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