Sunday, January 22, 2017

Fantastic Day Yesterday!

I didn’t really think that we needed to get there that early, ninety minutes before the rally I thought was too early… I was wrong.

When we got there the crowds were already forming and a short while later there were more people there than any other rally that I attended, by the time the rally started there were over ten thousand people there for the Women's March on Hartford CT: in Solidarity with Washington.

Before the rally started, I circulated around the rally meeting people that I knew but as the start of the rally grew near I found “my spot” on the second step on the left side of the north capitol steps. I had a good view and I sat crossed legged on the cold damp granite steps for three hours until I could no longer stand it, I then got up and tried to winding my way to the back of the audience. From sitting crossed leg for three hours I could stand when I tried to get up and this morning I am so sore from sitting.

I got some great shots until the professional photographers moved in. Instead of squatting down so that everyone else could see they all stood around blocking their views.

This photo was taken about an hour and a half before the rally.

Some of the signs at the rally…

And some of the politicians (well it was a rally about human rights) and speakers…
State Comptroller Kevin Lembo
Governor Malloy
Senator Beth Bye
This photo shows just how large the crowd was.
Photo by: Deputy Chief Brian J. Foley
Chief of Detectives Hartford Police Department.
I posted these pictures a “public” and posted them on the rally’s Facebook page and they brought out the “trolls.” Some people just will never understand what the rally was all about; it wasn’t an “anti-Trump” rally but rather a rally for human rights… for women’s rights, for the rights of the disabled, for the rights of black people, for the LGBT people, and for all those who are living on the margins.

It was a message that we are here and we vote!

What's next?
Well I for one am going to email all my Congressional and state representatives thanking them for their support of human rights. You can find your legislators here, call or write or email them but just let them know that you support Human Rights for all. .

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