Sunday, September 28, 2014

The Day Start Off Innocent Enough

Friday night the sunset was beautiful with a waxing moon there was not a cloud in the sky, just the red glow on the horizon. I thought that it would make a beautiful photograph up at the lake cottage, so Saturday morning I headed off to the cottage.

I got on I-91 and came to a huge traffic jam in Rocky Hill, cars were stopped for as far as the eye can see so I took a side road and but so did everyone else. I get back on 91 in Hartford and traffic was moving 70 – 75 until got just south of Springfield when traffic came to screeching halt… the Big E! I forgot about the Eastern States Exposition. The Big E is a three week long fair for all of New England, each state has an exposition building including the regular exhibit halls and all they stuff that fairs have; agriculture buildings, rides, rodeos, car thrill shows, concerts, you name it they have it. Anyway traffic was backed up for about a mile before the exit to the fair.

The normal 3 hour drive was almost 5 hours.

When I go into the cottage I notice that none of the lights on the DSL modem were blinking, a bad sign, and when I unplugging it and then plugged it back in it still didn't work. I pick up the phone… no dial tone! Damn! It is going to be a long night without Netflix or Amazon but it is only one night.

After I unpack I went down to the dock to check out the lake, I go to pull up the thermometer at the end of the floating dock to see the water temperature and I lose my balance. I do a number of quick moves to kept from going into the lake and I pull a muscle on my hip.

I limp back to the cottage lay down on the couch and start reading about twenty minutes later I hear what sounded like a faucet opened full blast. I start looking to see where the water is running and it sound like it is downstairs, I open the utility closet and there is water gushing out of the pressure tank for the well. AGH!! I hobble up the stairs as fast as I can and turnoff the breaker for the pump.

I go outside to find a hot spot for the phone where I might get at least one bar on my cell phone (we are in the middle of a wireless dead zone) but couldn’t find any so I was going to get in my car to drive to the dump (the dump is the highest point in the town and it is probably the only spot in town where you can get phone coverage). My neighbor sees me and says “Hi.” I tell him my woes and he lets me call my brother from his cell phone (he had only one bar but the call did go through).

After I talk to my brother I go and get a couple of pails of lake water, one to heat and do the dishes and the other to flush the toilet.

So this morning I made breakfast and headed for home. But I did get my pictures… do you think they were worth it?

Update 9/29 6:30
My back, hip and arms are sore from when I almost fell on the dock. I think I strained the muscles when I shifted my weigh quickly around to keep from fall head first into the lake. 

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