Saturday, November 10, 2007


Last night I went to see “Doubt” at the Theater Works in Hartford with another friend. The play was excellent and it brought back some memories from my parochial school days. We had to use ink pens and not ball point pens, so therefore my hand went across the wet ink because I am left handed. The nuns use to whack my knuckles with a ruler for smudging the ink. That was the theme of one of the skits in the play last night.
The theater is literally a hole in the wall, you go in this doorway and down a flight of stairs to basement and the the theater which must have a capacity of about only two hundred, and it’s a very intimate theater. My friend got two free tickets so he invited me to go with him and I was glad we went.

Tonight I am going to a fundraiser dinner for the Hartford Gay and Lesbian Health Collective. I am going with three other friends; it is a semi-formal dinner and the biggest event for the GLBT community with mayor of Hartford hosting it. I understand there will be over four hundred people there.

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