Sunday, May 22, 2022

What A Long Slippery Slope Part 1

The Republicans are backing themselves into a corner when they try to define Mother Nature with their 1950 view of gender. In their hate of us the Republicans are taking a simplistic view of biology and Trump’s Secretary of Education DeVos who tried to strip public education is putting in her two cents.

Republicans introduce 'Women's Bill of Rights' to protect accomplishments, ensure safety of biological females
The lawmakers say the bill is necessary to clarify the legal term of 'sex' in order to afford women protections
Fox News
By Kelly Laco
May 20, 2022

Republicans are introducing a "Women's Bill of Rights" in order to enshrine into law protections for females based on their biological sex.

Rep. Debbie Lesko, R-Ariz., is leading lawmakers on the Republican Study Committee (RSC), the largest group of conservative lawmakers on the Hill, in formally introducing the legislation Thursday morning. 

"I am proud to introduce the Women’s Bill of Rights to affirm the importance of acknowledging women and their unique and distinguishing characteristics and contributions to our nation. As the Left continues to erase women, we must fight for women and their place in our society. Whether it’s keeping the word "mother" in written law, or ensuring women’s domestic violence shelters do not have to accept biological men, we must stand up for women," Lesko told Fox News Digital.

Okay what the heck is biological sex?

XX chromosomes?

What happens to a woman has XXY?

What happens to a women who have AIS and XY chromosomes?

What happens to a women who has Alpha-5-reductase deficiency?

The bill states that the Women's Bill of Rights is necessary to establish in order to "reaffirm legal protections afforded to women under Federal law" due to that face that males and females have unique biological differences, which increases as they age.

The lawmakers' bill says that due to biological differences, only females are able to "get pregnant, give birth, breastfeed children." In addition, males are larger and possess greater strength than females due to biology. The text also states that females are subjected to more specific forms of violence, including sexual violence.

What happens to a woman who is sterile? Is she no longer considered a woman?

Mother Nature loves to experiment when you try to fit gender in a box Mother Nature laughs at you.

Down in Florida since you can no longer say “Gay” a United Church of Christ decided to help out children who are LGBTQ+ with a Pride event.

LGBTQ event at Florida church ignites public anger and protest threats
Controversy surrounding the Naples, Florida, Pride event for teens has led organizers to request extra police protection.
NBC News
By Brooke Sopelsa
May 20, 2022

An upcoming Pride event for LGBTQ teens to be held at a Florida church on Saturday has ignited public anger and protest threats, according to WBBH-TV, an NBC affiliate in Southwest Florida.

The Youth Pride Conference is geared toward students between the ages of 12 and 18. The event is being organized by GLSEN, a nonprofit focused on making schools more inclusive of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer youths, and it's being hosted by the Naples United Church of Christ.

Daniel Shaw, one of the event's organizers, said the controversy surrounding the event — particularly the planned drag show — led him to request extra protection from the Naples Police Department.

“This will obviously be a family-friendly event," Shaw told WBBH-TV. "It’s nothing I wouldn’t take my 3- and 4-year-old kids to."

But the holier-than-thou crowd is having none of that and they are attacking another church’s religious beliefs.

In another article, this one on Ch2 website,

An LGBTQ pride event for teens is happening in Naples this weekend and there’s been so much controversy the organizer is now asking Naples Police for extra police protection.

The request comes after the church hosting the event and its organizers have faced threats of protests and anger. Organizers say it’s all due to misinformation about the event.

“It’s just fear I guess. People are afraid of the unknown,” said Hornet Bosa who will attend the event.

I’m really hoping people will still show up despite the negative publicity,” Bosa said.

Online misinformation; however, has led to threats of protest at the private event.

It was held yesterday and the protest was a dud.

LGBTQ+ pride conference at Naples church draws few protestors
By reporter Michelle Alvarez and writer Paul Dola
May 21, 2022

A local group hosted their inaugural Youth Pride Conference at Naples United Church of Christ Saturday. Between 40 to 50 students from Southwest Florida got to participate.

The event aimed to empower and educate LGBTQ+ kids ages 12 to 18 on issues like mental health and religion, but not everyone was happy about it.

“We are protesting something because we believe people are in danger,” is what Fred said while he was protesting. Protesters started showing up before the event began.

“It can look like we’re against them. But the reality is, we are for them, and we are terrified. We are concerned for them. We’re scared for them, we are trying to pull as many of them out as we can, because we love them,” Fred says.

In a way Fred is right “we believe people are in danger” but rather from people like him who are closed minded.

One protester said her main concern was parental consent in regards to attending the event, however, organizers told WINK News they required written parental consent and medical waivers from all attendees. The event ended at 3 p.m. and was hosted by Collier County’s GLSEN which stands for Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network.

Yes, it is a concern of parental consent. Especially parents of LGBTQ+ children who are religious zealots and try to make their children straight, research has shown that conversion therapy creates much harm to the children. 


Meanwhile here in Connecticut, no fuss, no muss, no protests.

PRIDE Sunday Service @FCC

Sunday May 22nd - 10:15am

Join First Congregational Church on Sunday May 22nd for their PRIDE Sunday Service! First Congregational Church is an open and affirming congregation located in downtown Southington. FCC has a long-standing history of being a safe and inclusive place for all here in Southington. 

Their PRIDE Sunday Service is a great opportunity to gather with our neighbors to honor God's covenant to "love one another as I have loved you." All are welcome and encouraged to attend this wonderful service.

Location & Time
First Congregational Church
Sunday May 22nd
Time: 10:15am
Price: Free
37 Main Street
Southington, CT, 06489

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