Thursday, May 26, 2022

My Story Part 188: It Is Official

2008 Trans-Pride March and
Rally up in Northampton MA
I have retired from the Connecticut TransAdvocacy Coalition as its Executive Director.

I have been with CTAC since the early 2000’s and I am one of the original signers of the corporation By-Laws and was there when incorporation papers were signed. I was there for all the pro-trans legislation was passed and I was there when we blocked the anti-trans legislation. I was there for the very first Trans Health and Law conference.

I was there when CTAC went from a dream in Jerimarie’s eye to the premier trans organization in Connecticut.

2009 Love Makes A Family
Town Hall Forum

But it was time to step down and let someone else’s vision take over, it is time to move on.

I am not disappearing, I have other projects to work on.

One is a project to help trans people change their documentation, it is a coalition with MCC Church in Hartford, social work students from the University of St. Joseph's, and GLAD.

The other project is with the New Haven Pride Center’s Rainbow Elders program.

I am also still active in the LGBTQ Aging Advocacy group and I am their representative for the Legislative LGBTQ Health & Human Services Network, along with the Governor's Advisory Council on Hate Crimes.

I imagine that as other groups ask for help, I will step forward and help them. 


  1. Hi Diana, Richard here. Want to say a BIG THANK YOU for all your years of hard work making sure the Transgender community is protected. I hope the younger generation is up to the task to fight the war that is going on against the Trans community as we the elders had to fight off the attacks against us. The war is already on and it's a nasty one. We must remember two things; one a law is a law on the books one day taken off the next. We are now in the legal stages of fascism, and as the great revolutionary poet Roque Dalton said, "Remember the least fascist among you is still a fascist." Best wishes and I am grateful to look at your blog every day. Thanks. Richard Nelson

  2. Congratulations on the retirement. Hopefully whoever steps up will do as great a job as you obviously have.