Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Lies, Lies, And More Lies

That is all that comes from Republicans…

GOP Rep. Paul Gosar spread a baseless transphobic rumor that the Uvalde school shooting suspect was a 'transsexual leftist illegal alien'
Business Insider
By Matthew Loh
May 25, 2022

Following Tuesday's mass shooting at a Texas elementary school, Arizona GOP congressman Paul Gosar spread a false and transphobic claim that the suspected shooter was a "transsexual leftist illegal alien."

Gosar tweeted the claim even though authorities had already identified the suspect as an 18-year-old male resident of Uvalde, where the shooting occurred.

As of Tuesday evening, the GOP representative has not commented on his tweet, which was deleted about two hours after being published.

This false claim has been proliferating on social media with photos of a transgender person unrelated to the attack. The images appear to have been taken off the Reddit account of a transgender artist.

Why did he lie?

He had to know that it wasn’t true but he said it anyway, that is just pure evil.

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  1. So sad that he lied with no accountability. No integrity!