Sunday, June 13, 2021

They Live In “Never-Never Land”

I think we all knew it, that the conservatives live in their own dream world divorced from reality. I think we see that on both sides of the Atlantic, conservatives are more likely to believe in conspiracy theories and how the secret government is out to get them.
The majority of people who oppose trans rights and the Black Lives Matter movement have an incorrect “perception of reality”, a study has shown.
Pink News UK
By Lily Wakefield
June 11, 2021 

The research, conducted by the Policy Institute at King’s College London and Ipsos MORI and titled “The ‘fault lines’ in the UK’s culture wars“, studied the viewpoints of participants “on each side of six high-profile issues”.

The six issues, which were presented by researchers as “prominent current debates”, included transgender rights and the Black Lives Matter movement, alongside Brexit, party politics, the British empire and COVID-19.

The study looked at three elements of “culture war issues”: “How strongly people identify with a ‘side’ in a culture war debate, the social distance between one side and the other side, and whether group identity affects perceptions of measurable realities.”
In fact, the majority of those who opposed the Black Lives Matter movement and those who think trans rights have “gone too far” disagreed with factual realities.
Among those who thought trans rights had “gone too far”, just 67 per cent were unable to correctly identify that trans people were twice as likely to be the victim of crime compared to the UK population as a whole, while 79 per cent those who supported expanding trans rights were able to understand that this was the case.
I think those conservatives who live on our side of the pond also have a warped sense of reality that they inherited from their orange hair idol. I think that conservative want an authoritarian leader so that they don’t have to think too much, they need to be told what to think by their politicians and ministers. Thinking too much gives them a headache.

They hate thing that are not like them... Foreigner... people who have skin color different from theirs... people whose religious beliefs is different from theirs... people whose eyes are different from theirs... people whose sexual orientation and gender identity is different from theirs. They hate change. Change makes them feel uncomfortable.

They want the good old days of “Father Knows Best” back.

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