Sunday, March 28, 2021

The Big Lie.

The Equality Act is coming up for a vote and the Republicans are doing what they do best; lying to create fear. History shows what really happens when transgender laws are passed.
The Equality Act and the End of 'Females' | Opinion
By Mary Rice Hasson, and Kate O'Beirne
March 24, 2021

The Equality Act is 31 pages long, and devotes thousands of painstakingly drafted words to prohibiting "sex discrimination." In all those pages, however, the word "female" never appears.

That's by design. And it spells disaster—not only for females, but for all of us who believe that our laws and language must be grounded in reality. Human beings are created male or female. Our biological sex matters, not only in law but also in practice.

Sex is a basic fact about who we are. It is the whole body's organization for a particular reproductive role; from conception, each individual's body is organized to produce either large gametes (ova) or small gametes (sperm). It's in our DNA. "Every cell has a sex," says the Institute of Medicine. Sexual difference has meaning and consequences. Sex cannot be reduced to "stereotypes," "sex characteristics" (breasts, genitals, etc.), sexual desires ("sexual orientation") or self-perception ("gender identity")—the terms the Equality Act uses to define "sex."

Notably, the Equality Act's definition makes no mention of what sex actually is: the unchangeable reality that a person is either "male" or "female" (intersex conditions are disorders of sexual development, not a different sex). Only females go through female puberty, get pregnant, give birth and go through menopause. That's biology, and no one can self-define into or out of a biological reality.
Well first of all none of the anti-discrimination laws in any of the states says anything about “female” or “male” because they deal with discrimination based on “sex” not whether you are male, female, trans, or intersex. Sex discrimination is based on not how you identify but rather how people perceive you.

Did you know that the Connecticut law was written so you don’t even have to be trans to be protected by the law? So if you are cis gender and you are discriminated against because someone thought you were trans you are protected. Also if you are cis gender and someone discriminates against you because you are not trans you are also protected by the law.

Anti-discrimination laws protect everyone.

The article goes on to say,
Unlike the Bostock decision, the Equality Act redefines "sex" with no reference to "biological distinctions between male and female." Indeed, by defining "sex" to include "gender identity"—in turn defined by characteristics "regardless"—the Equality Act cements into the law the ideological belief that who we are is self-defined and has nothing to do with our bodies' biology. Sex does not matter.
Their whole argument based on false dichotomies, causal fallacies and an equivocation fallacies.

As I said, the laws has nothing to with women or men but rather discrimination.

In addition, non-discrimination laws that protect us have been on the books since 1975 when the city of Minneapolis passed an ordinance.

With now over 21 states having non-discrimination laws their fears and lies have All the lies and fear have not materialized in over four decades that the laws have been on the books.

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