Thursday, March 25, 2021

Remembering Our History

Sometimes we are way ahead the rest of history. We had same-sex marriage long before gay and lesbians. It was our little secret.

When one of us who was married transitioned all of sudden they’re in a same-sex marriage and the marriage was still valid. Sh…

But we also ran into problems when after transitioned and married.
Remembering Robina Asti, 99-year-old pilot, WW II veteran and transgender icon
Asti successfully fought for survivor's benefits for transgender people after losing her husband
CBC Radio
By Sheena Goodyear. Interview produced by Chloe Shantz-Hilkes.
March 22, 2021

Dru Levasseur will never forget the day he met Robina Asti.

It was 2012. He was a lawyer for Lambda Legal's Transgender Rights Project. She was a 92-year-old widow furious that she'd been denied survivor's benefits just because she was transgender.

"That changed my life as a transgender person, just meeting somebody her age," Levasseur said. "It just impacted me so deeply. It just made me realize that I could grow to be that old."

Levasseur took on Asti's case. Not only did she receive her benefits, but her challenge prompted the Social Security Administration to change its policy regarding transgender spouses.

After that, Asti became outspoken on trans issues, marching in Pride parades and speaking to LGBTQ audiences about her life. In 2019, she and her grandson founded the Cloud Dancers Foundation to advocate for older transgender people.

She died peacefully in her sleep on March 12 in San Diego at the age of 99, her family told

Listen to her here on a TED Talk...

Correcting a wrong.

Many trans people and also lesbians and gays were given a less than an honorable discharge even through this is on a state level it is a major step to our community.


What the bill does anyone who received a less than honorable discharge because of post-traumatic stress disorder or traumatic brain injury, or because their sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression can appeal to the state to have their status changed. This is only for state veteran services.

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