Friday, April 03, 2020

It Is Hard

Our bodies betray us sometimes when we go to the healthcare providers we should be honest with them and we should tell them that we are trans.

The article is from a very right wing anti-LGBTQ newspaper, however they are correct we need to tell healthcare providers*.
Ideology is endangering transgender lives from coronavirus
Washington Examiner
By Andrea Jones
April 03, 2020

Radical gender ideology — the belief that whether one is male or female is rooted in subjective feeling, not objective fact — has gained devoted adherents in the most influential spheres of our culture. The argument that one’s chosen gender should override biological sex has taken hold even when it comes to medical care.

The coronavirus pandemic, however, has again highlighted the importance of basing medicine on scientific facts. Though much is still unknown about the virus and its effects, there is strong evidence that it affects men and women differently.

Early statistics from Italy, where the outbreak has been severe, indicated that many more men than women have died from the disease, with men constituting more than 70% of COVID-19 deaths. As scientists and medical professionals race to find effective treatments for the virus and provide the best possible care, they need clear data, including accurate records of basic information — such as a patient’s sex.
No one know why more men are dying then women; is it genetic? Is it hormonal? They don’t now and we should go by the worst case that it is genetic and be truthful to our healthcare providers.
An online questionnaire intended to help screen patients who think they may have contracted the virus includes a standard request for patients to specify whether they are male or female. Next to this question, however, the website provides a link titled “Why aren’t there more options?” beyond those two categories. Users who follow this link are informed that “Some clinical assessments can be different depending on your sex. Not everyone sees themselves as female or male” and that they should call the NHS hotline “if neither option is right for you.”
However, they could have worded it different, they could have said something like “What was your sex assigned at birth?” and then “Ask how do you identify now?”

I have always said that we should be honest with our healthcare providers, our lives depend on it.
The preference for politics and ideology over science has led to confused messaging from activists. A coalition of more than 100 prominent activist groups recently released a joint letter claiming that gay and transgender people are particularly vulnerable to coronavirus due to higher rates of smoking, a higher population of immunosuppressed individuals due to the treatment of HIV and cancer, and invidious discrimination in the medical system.
A couple of things about this paragraph… the first sentence calls us all liars and I don’t think the message from “activists” is what they claim then their next sentence contradicts the first sentence.

But the message is the same, we need to be truthful to our healthcare providers.

*I say healthcare providers because we see a lot more providers than a doctor... some are APRNs, x-ray technicians, lab techs and other professionals that we see for our health care.

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