Wednesday, April 01, 2020

Day 18

The sun was out! Whoa I haven’t seen that since Saturday and it turned out to be a beautiful day. I had to go to the post office and it was interesting, you know that large plastic wraps for wrapping up pallets?  Well they had that stretched across the counter with just a small gap at the bottom.

I took the long way home and I can say without a doubt my car will not get apple worms!

I drove by one of the apple orchards in town and they were spraying the trees and the pesticide cloud drifted over the road (I rolled up the windows and put the AC on recirculate). I drove around the back roads until I used up the battery and the gas engine started (I have a plug-in hybrid car). It was the first time in over a month that the gas engine ran and thought it might be good idea to have it run for a while.

There are some suggestions for trans people during this medical crisis…
Transgender legal group releases coronavirus guide
The Washington Blade
By Michelle Siegel
March 29, 2020

The Transgender Legal Defense and Education Fund has prepared a free online guide, available in both English and Spanish, for transgender and non-binary individuals attempting to navigate life during the coronavirus pandemic.

“A Know Your Rights Guide for Transgender People Navigating COVID-19,” which contains information that was accurate as of March 22, explores both trans-specific concerns and equity concerns that disproportionately impact trans and non-binary individuals, such as issues involving employment, housing and health care. It also features a national appendix of health and advocacy resources.

The guide stresses the existence of a pandemic does not void the fact that trans and non-binary individuals are entitled to receive care and access to services. As TLDEF interprets federal law within this guide, medical providers must address individuals by the names and pronouns that they use and provide individuals access to facilities consistent with their identities.
GLAD (GLBT Legal Advocates and Defenders) also has a guide that they out out.
COVID-19 Resources
Social distancing and quarantining are critical to limit the spread of the virus and protect everyone’s health, but it can cause or increase isolation for many in our community. For those of us who are most vulnerable, whatever the reason, we’re compiling resources that may help. We’ll continue to update this page with additional resources as the situation evolves.
Be safe!

It is a jungle out there!

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